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Primul e-book Tritonic original în limba engleză, pe #libris

A map contains an abundance of information, if you know how to interpret it. A thorough reading with a trained eye allows the viewer to decipher the impetus behind current events, understand their importance and discern their impact on global stability. Along with geographical borders and topography, we must be aware of the layers of society and how they shape and change the map. Antonia Colibășanu discusses the theories and history of geopolitics. She argues that in order to decode the logic of relations among nations and communities, a methodical, interdisciplinary approach is needed, one that includes geographical, historical, anthropological and socio-economic notions.

Volumul Contemporary Geopolitics and Geoeconomics 2.0, de Antonia Colibășanu, poate fi comandat pe libris.ro.





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