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„Living candles” blogtour, by Corylus Books, UK

Corylus Books este o editură nouă din Marea Britanie, care își propune să publice cărți noi și interesante traduse în engleză.

În perioada 30 martie – 6 aprilie, a organizat un „blogtour” pentru varianta în limba engleză a romanului polițist ”Living candles”, de Teodora Matei. Cartea s-a bucurat de prezentare și recenzii de la câțiva bloggeri englezi.

Corylus Books

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When a red haired woman’s body is found hanging upside down an investigation begins. She miraculously survives, but is she the only victim? Commissioner Anton Iordan and Chief Inspector Matache find details of other missing women, but what links them? This is a fast paced, relatively quick read with a very clever plot that keeps you guessing. I read this in one sitting and was completely engrossed from start to finish.

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There is a good cast of characters, with insights into the personal lives of the two main detectives. The characters are realistic, and the plot is well thought out. The reader investigates the crime alongside the detectives, finding out information when they do. This immersive quality makes it an enjoyable read.

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Several people live in a block of flats that know everyone’s daily routines and who visits. Mrs Marcu had the shock of her life when she sees in Minescu storage room a body of woman hanging upside down with her arms taped to her side, her ankles tied with rope and her red long hair. The police start questioning all residents in the apartment block, about this suspicious shocking discovery. I recommend reading Living Candles as there is a lot more to uncover.

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The discovery of a woman close to death in a city basement sends Bucharest police officers Anton Iordan and Sorin Matache on a complex chase through the city as they seek to identify the victim.

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Iordan and Matache hit one dead end after another, until they decide they’ll have to take a chance that could prove deadly.

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The first Corylus books are a pair of Romanian crime novellas, Living Candles by Teodora Matei and Zodiac by Anamaria Ionescu.

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This is definitely a must read for any Mystery/Thriller fans and I can not wait for the 2nd book in the series to be released.

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